Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect (the story)

Practice Makes Perfect
By Linda Frost

Practice makes perfect
You’ve all heard that before
And what does it mean
You may ask.

Let me tell you a story
It may help you see
Why practice can be better
Than just make believe.

This is the story about Mona.
Who was bold and really quite sassy
For one considered such a young lassie.
She was quick and quite bright.
But practice, said she. I’d rather go play.
Who wants to practice on such a nice day?

Mona thought she could wing it
No matter the task or the sport.
I’ll simply fake it, she said with a pout.
And no one will ever find out.

She had a piano. All grand and divine.
But music. Oh dear. Mona couldn’t read a line.
You see – that might take practice and
Some of her time.

Mona wanted to swim
And could jump in with ease.
And then she sank with a croak.
Why? She still hadn’t learned
That practice makes perfect.
Mona never got around to practicing her stroke.

Mona refused to learn how to read
And math questions made her head spin.
She failed every test. She wouldn’t believe that practice might help.
And she never, ever gave it her best.

Now Mona was shy and round people quite slow
To say “Howdy and So Glad to Meet You.”
People thought she was stuck up, or snotty at best.
Social graces take practice – to do them with zest.
Dancing? She loved the fast beat
And the sway of the band. But dancing
Was fearful at best. The steps can take practice
So Mona instead - just sat down and pretended to rest.

Mona wanted to drive and bought a red car
But lessons she refused, don’t you see.
I’ll just turn it on and release this old brake
Then she drove it into a tree.

Mona invited some guests
To her home for a party
But she didn’t know how to cook.
I’ll just grab some of this,
And a big dab of that
And a sprinkle of those will be fine.

Mona didn’t believe
That practice makes perfect.
She let it all slide.
And all of her guests?
Well, they died.

Mona is old now and just sits still all day.
She never goes walking or attends any plays.
And why does she sit there with cobwebs around her?
Because moving takes practice.
Or else it soon goes away.

Mona’s story has come to an end.
And what have we learned from her tale?
If you want to do something with skill and delight.
Then dust off your skills and
practice, then practice some more.without fail.

Practice something every day
Because practice makes perfect don’t ja know.
And along the way - why you’ll get your mojo.

If not perfect, then better.
So dust off your shoes
And get moving and grooving
It’s called paying your dues.

Some make skills look easy.
Like no practice at all.
But I’ll tell you the secret to all their success.
They practice and practice until they’re the best
At whatever their passion, whatever the test.

So don’t be a Mona. Do practice each day.
And soon you’ll find out that practice will pay.
We’re here to support you, applaud you and cheer
Because practice makes perfect.
Have you all got that clear?

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  1. Mona is is added to my list of Teachers.

    Thank you for tale-ing us about her Linda. This is a keeper.