Monday, February 15, 2010

spiritual Practice day 15

I had major monkey mind tonight. Squeezing in your meditation between countless emails and a looming conference call is not a wide idea. Actaully, I am glad that I meditated, it was just not the ideal time to do it. And I do feel a little more centered now, even though the meditation itself seemed scattered.
I guess the essential part of any practice is that we do and, and try to be mindful while we are doing it. It's not always possible to have the perfect moment, but at least doing it is a sign of commitment, a sign to yourself of what is important.


  1. Just did a walking meditation this morning as it is my birthday today. No major revelations just glad to be another year older (wiser?) as I learned last month my best buddy from elementary school had a massive heart attack and underwent quadruple bypass surgery. My other best buddy from elementary school died from pancreatic cancer three months ago. A nice dinner with family last night was enough of a birthday celebration (with a killer piece of tiramisu).