Saturday, February 27, 2010

spiritual Practice day 27

Today I meditated to the background noise of falling rain. There is such a powerful comfort to that noise. I think it is related to the awareness that we are, most of us I should say, we are inside and safe and dry. It takes a rainstorm to recognize the comforts of a warm dry home. So today my meditation was an exercise simply in holding gratitude for all the very simple good things in my life. There was no guilt attached, but simple gratitude for the many gifts of a safe home, a steady job, a refrigerator full of food, loving support of family and friends. It's unfortunate that it takes a moment of sitting down and concentrating to realize how gifted our lives are. But it's a very powerful thing to sit with.


  1. Had a cup of green tea then did Chinese stretching exercises, followed by a half hour walking meditation to a song by Green Day, then conventional stretching exercises. Reflected on the week, a week of major development for me. Feel a sanguine peace of mind. Very nice.

    I am thinking of drawing at Casper's Wilderness Park today where I will meditate on nature and reflect some more.

  2. Did Chinese stretching exercises, an ab workout, followed by a cardio workout. Then did a half hour sitting breath meditation. Went into a very deep state, almost like a trance. Was surprised when the timer went off to end my meditation. The time went by so fast. Then checked my blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Both were within spec.. Cool.