Saturday, February 20, 2010

spiritual Practice day 20

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days. I forgot to meditate a couple of days in a row so today's meditation was 30 minutes. While it was totally a mistake, it has been helpful to explore the difference between regular practice for short periods, and a more sporadic longer meditation. While it would be more convenient to do every few days, I really do think that short daily meditation has a much greater benefit. I guess it is like any practice that way. A little bit every day is ideal.
Today as I used my breathing to center, I was again struck by the sense of life and existence as a flow. This is especially helpful for Buddhist thought where one of the primary goals is to move from a static sense of a defined self. Recognizing the flow of life through my breath was a helpful was to tap into the flow of existence, that my being depends on the relationships with countless other beings, and the lines where they stop and I begin is quite fuzzy.


  1. Felt unsettled this morning. Was both elated and dejected yesterday. I emailed a woman friend from college whom I haven't had contact with in thirty years. Received a very nice email in return. Hence, elation. I also went to the opening of OSCene at the Laguna Art Museum, an exhibition I wasn't accepted to. I didn't care for the art presented. Hence, dejection. I did a half hour walking meditation to my Itunes favorites play list hoping listening to great music would restore balance. It helped but my thoughts are still unsettled, how to develop my talent in the context of contemporary art, a difficult challenge.

  2. Just did an ab workout, Chinese stretching exercises, cardio workout, followed by a silent half hour seated breath meditation. Towards the very end a black man came into my mind's eye and asked for a moment of my time. I am so used to solicitors at the door that I immediately said no. Now, upon completion of the meditation, I wonder what he wanted, what he represented.

  3. The garden's in me and I'm in the garden.
    The garden is me and I am the garden.
    The garden is all Being.
    Being part of all Being is all that remains.