Tuesday, February 16, 2010

spiritual Practice day 16

Maybe I don't need an answer. Today ended up being a very nice meditation. I sat down and had in mind what will I blog about. What will I come to today. I quickly realized that that is so NOT the point of meditation. After accepting that I didn't need to come up with something, or be filled up with some insight, I was able to sit comfortable with a sense of openness. There was limited expectation, just openness to what the moment had to offer. Today was a nice meditation. I am finding is hard to sit down with the expectation of writing something, and sitting with no expectation. We'll see how that goes. I just have to remember that the power, and the purpose of meditation is not in the answer, but in the process.

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  1. Awoke from a deep sleep (no memories of dreams). Did a half hour walking meditation where a troubling conflict came forward. Then did Chinese stretching exercises followed by a cardio workout. I then did a twenty minute seated breath meditation to conclude. Catalina came forward, my boyhood rambling grounds. A friend of my mother's whom we were supposed to visit this spring who lives over there passed away a couple of weeks ago. Felt sad feelings. Then the conflict started manifesting itself again and I didn't want to deal with it right now so ended the meditation feeling scattered.

    Going to lunch with an old professor today. Anticipating that was also present in my meditation.