Wednesday, February 10, 2010

spiritual Practice day 10

One of the sounds that I use for a timer for my meditation is of waves lapping the shore. After a very nice dinner and all the day's activities, I couldn't help but find myself mentally on the beach. It was actually really lovely.

I came to realize that the thing that I LOVE about going to the beach, is the recognized commitment that I am sitting here doing nothing... on purpose. And I am going to sit here and do nothing, and that's wonderful. It was just such a nice reminder of what a gift that we give ourselves when we set out committed time to sit still, and "do nothing." It was also a nice reminder to be easy on myself when meditating. We don't always have to have some wonderful insight or connection with the universe. Sometimes just sitting still is worth our time.


  1. Our backyard redwood bench gets warm when the sun gets a chance at it. Because it was noisy in the house (son and friend over,) I grabbed my ipod and headphones and put on just the faintest whisper of celtic vocals and rested out flat, eyes closed, with a visual imagery of circles and shapes moving over and under each other to a rhythm. Started abdominal breaths to a mental mantra of "breathing in...breathing out, 10", "breathing in...breathing out, 9, and so on. Losing count in the second round sanctioned letting go of thoughts and imagery. Gratefully, just *being* was all that was left.

  2. Thanks for your entry, Kent. The ocean has been a backdrop for me my entire life. It has listened to my most ecstatic odes and my most sorrowful laments. Always there, always listening.

    Today, as I missed my exercise session yesterday, I just did a half hour walking meditation followed by a stretching routine. I will resume my full exercise regimen tomorrow. Felt clarity and embodiment as a result.

    Am going to MOCA this afternoon and hope to meditate on the view of the mountains (which are now spectacular) from the top of the Bonaventure Hotel at sunset.