Monday, February 8, 2010

spiritual Practice day 8

You may notice that I skipped a day of meditation. I guess I was too busy talking about it in my sermon to sit down and do it. Just the kind of distraction that I hope to avoid.

To make up for my missed opportunity, I sat in meditation twice as long today. I found myself pretty thoroughly distracted today. Especially half way through my meditation, after the 10 minutes I usually do, I was anxious and had to open my eyes to look at the timer. I think it's because I tried to meditate in the middle of the day rather than near the end of the day.

Today my practice took me to a place of relaxation. I guess my meditation was most apparent in the sensation of full body relaxation. It's probably more noticeable in the middle of the day when I'm wound up, than in the afternoon or evening. Rather than any particular epiphanies or insights, it just felt really good. What a simple free and healthy treat you can give yourself. The gift of time. A chunk of time, even a small one set aside for yourself can feel like such and indulgence.


  1. I was so challenged by something at home tonight, and right in the middle of it shifted my focus to some calm I felt hours earlier during a 10 minute breathing meditation. I grabbed that earlier calm like a heart preserver to use again in the present moment and was so happy when the "challenge" melted away! That's something I will do again!

  2. Did an upper body workout, lower body workout, then a stretch routine and then a walking meditation. Feel very relaxed and ready to take on the day!