Monday, February 22, 2010

spiritual Practice day 22

This morning I sat and meditated for twenty minutes. My discipline was not such much in deep meditation, but in keep myself seated and not bolting to the calendar to jot down everything that flooded into my mind. Wow what an endless flow of interruption. I did manage to sit for the time allotted. I think some days that is the best that we can do. To simply sit still in a quiet place, even if we aren't engaging in profound spiritual experience is an important discipline. Take time for self, even if that time is not "productive" is deeply important.


  1. Overslept this morning so forwent my regular exercise program and did a half hour walking meditation followed by a stretching routine. I read Alan Watts' The Way of Zen this week. In it he said that the Japanese Tea Ceremony developed out of monks drinking tea before their meditation sessions. I had a cup of green tea before my walking meditation. It added an interesting dimension. A subtle clarity and with a warm, comforting feeling. I did develop an odd funk during meditation but couldn't get to its source. I think it relates to getting into touch with my college crush and the all the intervening years since then, a melancholy tinged with sadness, a realization of the transience of life...

  2. Had a difficult and challenging day yesterday. As a result just did the Chinese stretching exercises and a light cardio workout. Had a cup of green tea then a half hour seated breath meditation. Went deep and the half hour flew by. Most of my thoughts were on an email I received from an old college crush. Very difficult to arouse feelings from such a long time ago. Who knew they could still be so powerful...