Wednesday, February 24, 2010

spiritual Practice day 24

Letting Go!
Today's meditation began with a flood of thoughts and anxieties and frustrations about minutia. Eventually, I realized that my purpose of sitting was simple. I had to let go of all of that. For the majority of today's 20 minutes I simply let go of what entered my mind. First it was letting go of meaningless frustrations, then letting go of smaller stuff, then letting go of whatever thoughts came in to fill the void. It's remarkable how much our minds dislike a void I think. Anyway, I found that letting go was a long overdue, and wonderful meditation experience.


  1. I fight the void because it feels like I'm "ducking out" when I'm not thinking. Yet when void prevails, how surprised I am that it is actually I who wins!

  2. My stress level is still high so I did a stretching routine and half hour walking meditation to my ITunes playlist. I am on information overload as I went to a 3 hour intensive seminar on how to prepare for approaching galleries. Felt scattered in the meditation and tried to bring myself back to a grounded state by trying to feel my bodily presence. It worked to some degree but I still felt slightly scattered.