Thursday, February 25, 2010

spiritual Practice day 25

I meditated later than usual today. In fact it was the last thing before blogging and bed. I found my mind was pretty peaceful. The only energy I could muster was concentrating on my body. Rather than focussing on the abstract visualization, third eye or what have you, I simply felt my still body for 10 minutes. It was a very different and very simple meditation.

Well I'm off to bed :)


  1. My stress level has dropped but I am still adjusting to the blood pressure medicine so I did the Chinese stretching exercises, a half hour walking meditation, and then conventional stretching exercises. I did two breakthrough drawings yesterday so my thoughts during the walking meditation were on the drawings. The stretching and meditation did bring me back into my bodily awareness. Now it is time for breakfast.

  2. Had a powerful dream last night. Reflected on it during a half hour walking meditation listening to the pouring rain outside followed by a set of conventional stretching exercises.