Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Spiritual Practice day 3

Today I find my short meditation as a quite sea in the midst of a bit of chaos, literally. I finally sat down to meditate between two meetings and a couple of looming deadlines. And my couch conveniently faces the ocean. I don't have an ocean view or anything, but that's okay. I know it is there close by and I can feel my heart opening and connected to it. So I sat on my couch for ten minutes of calm in the midst of a hectic day.
I also had the strange experience of having to meditate with a spray bottle at my side. My dog seems uncomfortable with my practice and starts making noise and pacing when I sit quietly with my eyes closed. I hope thats not a sign of how frenetic my life is, that she gets concerned when I am actually peaceful :) Anyway, I found myself meditating next to a water spray bottle which is what I use as a gentle punishment when she barks. How strange to sit next to a tool of punishment and connect with the universe. Maybe it's just practical, maybe it's a reflection of the real complexity of our relationships with the world around us...
I found the sea a particularly nice point of focus. For years and years my spirituality was anchored immediately in nature. More recently I have been more consumed with human relationship or abstract theological thought. I may use some of this meditation practice this month to refocus that connection with nature that fed my spirit for so long.


  1. Love your practice notes from today Kent.

    Today I found some beautiful Celtic music with Irish lyrics. Since the words are truly lost on me, I drifted (with ipod and headphones on) through thoughts of what I imagined the songstress to be saying and that led me into a unique musical and visual meditation for which I am so grateful tonight.

  2. Did my workout (upper and lower body) then a half hour walking meditation. No music this time. Most of my attention was on a drawing I did yesterday. I was pleased with it and my attention kept going back to it.