Friday, February 12, 2010

spiritual Practice day 12

I have been writing about expressing love all day i preparation for Sundays service. As I began my meditation, that is what I planned to focus on. However, I quickly realized that forcing a particular feeling is not really the goal. My goal in meditation is more to simply be present with whatever feelings come up. Of course one can learn from those feelings, which ones are productive, which ones do we cling onto in a harmful way. But sitting down with the intention of forcing a feeling rather than being fully myself in the moment seemed counter productive. I know that is all very abstract, but meditation pretty quickly moves into that realm.

I guess the goal of my spiritual practice in general and what I came more in touch with this evening is the power to sit with an emotions, not to choose one that you should have, but to simply sit with what is there, and feel it with compassion.

I also found it a little more difficult to stay focused this evening. I think it's because I"m a little tired but heading into a weekend that I look forward to. I guess the commitment is to sit and meditation for ten minutes, not to reach total concentration and enlightenment in those ten minutes.


  1. Your openness about your own practice validates everyone else's meditations.I love not measuring up to any expectations.In fact, if my practice became about a standard level of focus or relaxation, then for me it wouldn't even feel good.There is such value in having non-amazing meditations, for it is only by noticing what isn't amazing that we know what amazing is at all.

  2. Today is my freestyle day. Rather than follow a program like the rest of the week, today I am free to choose exercises and meditation by what I feel like. I first did Chinese stretch exercises, then a half hour walking meditation, followed by more traditional Western stretching exercises. My mind was still on the art exhibitions I saw the other day. I am struggling with how to pursue a career transition into art when I don't like most of the art shown in contemporary galleries or museum. No answers came to me but as I proceeded with the exercises and meditation the urgency of my thoughts receded and my physical awareness grew, my objective for the session.

  3. Am going on a hike at Alta Laguna this morning. That will be my meditation for the day. As my birthday is Tuesday, I want to reflect on what I want to accomplish this year. Happy Valentines everyone.