Thursday, February 11, 2010

spiritual Practice day 11

This evening I found myself sinking into the night. I was absorbed by the sense of energy and peace that comes in the evenings. The coolness and the different sounds of nature. It's amazing how different the same space can feel at a different time of day. In my meditation I found comfort and energy in the darkness. What a wonderful combination, energetic comfort, relaxing into the power.

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  1. Did an ab work out, then cardio workout followed by stretching then a half hour unguided breath meditation. My mind was on overdrive and a bit blocked because I went to two contemporary art exhibitions yesterday. An older woman came, removed the block and carried it away. I then felt much more open for the rest of the meditation. Today it was like skin diving. I would go deep, rise to the surface, go deep and then rise again. Felt a deep relaxation upon completing the meditation.