Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spiritual Practice day 4

I was so busy writing a sermon about spiritual practice I forgot to meditate. Well at least forgot until I was about to go to bed. Isn't that often the case though we absorb ourselves with the writing about, or the talking about, or the thinking about, rather than doing. I'm glad that this meditation adventure is a commitment not to words, but to a particular practice, a doing.

I also noticed to night that both my body and mind are tired, my mind still had plenty of interest in jumping all over the place. You would think that the less energy you have, the calmer your mind would be, but that is not the case. Having a calm a centered mind is not about exhaustion or giving up. Having a calm and centered state of mind actually takes a good deal of concentration and energy. Two things that I don't have much of past 10:00p.m. I guess that speaks to the role of prioritizing your spiritual practice.

When do you do your practice? Do you squeeze it in wherever it fits, or do you make a specific regular time for it? Does that help or hinder your practice?


  1. Just completed a core workout, cardio workout, then a half hour sitting breath meditation. I wanted to meditate on social distance as this seems to be a personal trait. I adopted a hamster in my meditation but later in the meditation it escaped. Hmm, does that mean I don't want to accept the responsibility of close personal relationships? Will have to reflect on this in my writing session which is to follow breakfast.

    If anyone is having trouble "getting into" meditation I recommend Sharon Salzberg's book and CD series titled, Insight Meditation. It's availabale through Amazon. A very good introduction to meditation.

  2. Love that you are focusing on this. I find even if I can only meditate for 5 minutes a day - it makes a difference!

  3. "Fit it in" is my category, rather than a scheduled time. I try to decide literally at the moment to just do it, once or twice a day. So, even it means I have to change the order of things, or postpone a task to a later time, I'll stop and take that time to do my meditation. By the way, this random way is completely opposite of how I used to do it, which didn't work at all and this, thank goodness, does.